MasterGuard Hub System
Rascal Aluminum Propelllers for 20hp-35hp Engines
Hustler Aluminum Propellers for 40hp-300+hp Engines
Express Stainless Steel Propellers for 40hp-300+hp Engines
SpeedZone Stainless Steel Propellers for 135hp-300+hp Engines

Boat Propellers for FORCE Motors!
1. The correct MasterGuard Hub Kit needed is listed below.
2. Choose a propeller pitch from the list to the right of the propeller:
* MasterGuard Hub Kit is required for Turning Point propeller housings.
40hp (1995-1998) / 50hp (1995-1998) / 70hp (1991-1995) / 75hp (1996-1998)
Aluminum Your hub kit is: Item# 11

Mid-Range Series
40hp - 75hp
A true high performance aluminum propeller!
Prop housing options: *Hub kit is required
Dia. x Pitch
12-1/2 x 8
12 x 10-1/2
10-7/8 x 11
10-3/4 x 12
10-1/2 x 13
10-3/8 x 14
10-1/8 x 15
Item #
Find a prop and hub to fit your boating needs.
Select your engine
_Quick Pick Propeller Guide_________
According to your manual's recommended
WOT RPM range for your motor.....
- RPM's too high? (Move up in pitch)
- RPM's too low? (Move down in pitch)
- RPM's just right? (Stay with the same pitch)
Note: For every 2" of pitch will raise or lower your
RPM's by 400(approx).

WOT RPM's for FORCE Motors
Check your manual or the list below for your motor's WOT RPM range.
At WOT your boat should ideally be running at the upper end of the
range for maximum performance. Water sports or extra people on board
may require a drop in pitch to meet the WOT RPM requirements.
Engine Model Drive Gear Ratio WOT RPM
No Data - NA No Data